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Amazing Hair Spray *Available in 13 colors*

$15.70 $25.90

Sprays are traditional the best and fastest way to apply colors to your hair and make it last for at least a week. Available in 13 colors, these sprays will give turn your classic and boring hair into a new, vibrant and astonishing hairstyle no one could resist from. 

Do you want to add some color to your hair? There is no better way to do that with hair sprays. 

How to use? 

  1. Make sure your hair is clean. The first step is making sure your hair is clean. 
  2. Optional: Apply your favorite hairstyle.
  3. Choose an empty place, or avoid painting other things than your hair.
  4. Shake the spray before use and approach 15-20 cm from hair while using it evenly. Try to cover all the hair you want to color up and repeat if necessary. 


  • The cheapest way to add color to your hair.
  • Multiple colors to choose from.
  • Vibrant and striking colors.
  • Long-lasting results.
  • 120ml of product that will last lots of uses.
  • Easy-to-use 
  • Available in up to 14 colors

Product Information:
Weight: 120ML

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