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Vintage Style Dice Shaped Aluminum Whisky Stones


An exotic set of whiskey cooling stones, the best ever selection as birthday gifts for men. These stones have a golden coating and contain FDA approved cooling gel.

  • Keeps your cocktail chill without spoiling its test
  • Easy to clean
  • Keep it in the freezer for an hour before putting it into the glass

Finally, this is something that you man will surely love it and remember you every time when he has a whiskey party with his friends. This Dice Shape Aluminum Whisky Stones will chill his whiskey or wine without changing its flavor. It is very easy to use and also suitable for any types of occasions.

These beautiful 5 Piece per set of Aluminum dices are in a gold anodized finish. They are crafted from Aluminum and filled with a FDA approved Cooling Gel that will keep your perfect Cocktail perfectly chilled for hours! Comes in a storage box. Easy to Clean, simply rinse off and wipe dry.  Super unique PREMIUM gifts for your men.

How to use?

  • Toss in the freezer for an hour and your set to go
  • Easy to Clean, simply rinse off and wipe dry.
  • Chilling Internal Solution, Edible Ethanol & Water

Product Information:
Material: Aluminum alloy
Available Color: Golden
Quantity: 5 Dices
Dice Size: 1.6 cm x 1.6 cm x 1.6 cm
Case Size: 7cm x 6cm x 1.7cm
In the box: 5 x Golden Dices Whiskey Stones, 1 x Noble Portable Metal Case

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