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Classic Hair pen/lipstick *5 colors option*

$11.70 $12.90

The first disposable products intended to change the color of your hair instantly were the hair pen or lipstick. These lipsticks are known for dyeing all kind of hairs in a matter of seconds, with a disposable pen and temporary chalk for your hair.

There are no products with such an easy-to-use process, you just take the portion of hair you want to color and you simply glide the pen down through the hair. 

Your imagination will be the limits of what you can do with this amazing set of 5 pieces of pens that will dye your hair for a minimal fraction of what you’d paid in a beauty salon. Don’t waste tons of money in beauty treatments; just change your hairstyle by yourself using these color packs for your hair.


  • Non-toxic. There is no need for gloves.
  • Easily removable with water and shampoo.
  • Long-lasting results for the entire day.
  • Disposable and cheap pens that literally cost pennies. 
  • Easy-to-use, everyone can use such a kit. 
  • Amazing classic colors

Product Information:
Weight: 17g
Color: Purple, Blue, 

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