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Classic Hair Lipstick *black or brown*

$11.70 $19.90

Dyeing your hair is not exclusively for women, as men can also take advantage of a product that is easy-to-use as this one. In fact, almost everybody can use this hair lipstick that will stop the aging process for a bit and make you feel comfortable, younger and with confident. Most of people turn their hair gray when reaching a specific age, some get gray hair due stress or any other cause. However, we need to worry about things that can be solvable and you can easily hide your gray hair using a hair lipstick.

These lipsticks come in two colors, black and brown. The most common colors are these and you can easily use them in a matter of seconds to apply color and stop the aging process for a really cheap price.



  • They last up to two rinses.
  • Non-toxic. You can use it without gloves and without worrying too much.
  • Comes in brown and black color. 
  • Easy-to-use
  • Gives color in a matter of seconds.
  • Stop the aging process instantly.
  • Makes you look younger and more attractive.

Product Information:
Net Weight: 3.8g
Color: Brown and Black

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