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Fidget Craze 2017


Fidget Craze: Fidget spinners, this year's leading toy fad

The fidget gadget has gained the attention of not only kids but adults as well. The tangle toy is rapidly gaining popularity in the market. It is available in three different types the and most famous is the fidget spinner and the fidget cube owns the second place. Some people also prefer to have the fidget pen.

Still, many people are unaware of the qualities that the toy has. So here, we have everything that you need to know about the fidget toys. Stay connected and we will reveal the information that you never knew before.

What is fidget spinner

The fidget spinner is the hottest toy on the market. It is a type of spinning toy that has a bearing in the middle and three fans-like wings attached to it. Now what gets into the toy is the technology with which it has been designed. The developers of the toy claim that the fidget cube has been specifically designed to relieve stress.

As it is the main source of treatment in many areas, the fidget toys are manufactured using the special material. Care has to be taken to ensure that the material or manufacturing of the fidget spinner will not be harmful to the kids. Most of the little ones like to keep everything in their mouth. So the size of the fidget spinner and fidget cube is large enough that it will not choke the children.

Recently some reports said that lead is utilized in the manufacturing of the fidget spinner but there was no proof behind the claim. The reports were not peer-reviewed and it was found that the fidget toys are perfectly safe for the kids and the adults and there is nothing to worry about.

The therapists have utilized it for many years to treat the kids with ADHD and autism and help them to focus on the task. However, now the product has gained popularity among the normal individuals as well. It has been noticed that the fidget toys are helping people in many different ways.

While purchasing the fidget cube you have to be extra careful. There are many fake retailers in the market that will only deliver the low-quality items. Such products will not be authentic and might have some harmful materials utilized in their production. So always, buy the fidget spinner from an authentic source that has a positive ranking and the fidget toys of the best brands. Your safety, is more important than the fun so be cautious.

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History and Origin

Catherine Hettinger
In 1990, a young chemical engineer Catherine Hettinger designed the fidget spinner. The first fidget toy was based on the science of spinning and technology helped in its evolution. It was like a fidget ball that has a dome in the center and some wings on the side. It was called the spinning toy by the developer.

In 1993 once she was confident that she has designed the perfect item she filed the patent for the product. The authorities soon acknowledged it, as the fidget toys were not harmful and only designed for the kids they approved its manufacturing and distribution. However, it was not very popular at that time. The sensory fidget grabbed the attention of the therapist in 2004 when they noticed that this remarkable creation is helping the children to relax. So they started to use the fidget necklace as a method of treatment. From there the fidget cube became popular and it is now admired around the globe.

The idea behind the fidget toys

Catherine Hettinger saw that the kids were throwing stones at the police in frustration. The children wanted the officers to leave their state. So she thought that there must be something that will help the children to get rid of their anger and stress. She noticed the movements of the hands of the children and how they were throwing the stones with so much accuracy.

She designed many prototypes of the toys but none of them worked. However, her last design was a complete success. She noticed that the spinning action of the fidget spinner was helping her to relax and so she started to take the toy to work as well.

She claims that her design of the fidget spinner was completely different from what is available on the market today. However, she is glad that her invention brought a change for the kids that were suffering from mental disorders.

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What is fidget cube

One of the most famous innovations that were introduced in the fidget spinner was the fidget cube. It is the type of table cube that has a different option on every side. the most interesting feature of the cube is that you can select any one of the sides that you like according to the level of stress that you are suffering from. You can also keep the cube on your table as a paper holder and no one will suspect the real function of the exciting device. The common fidgeting sides that you will find in the fidget toy are:

  • Click:
    There is no need to click the pen because the fidget cube has 3 clickers and 2 silence buttons to help you get rid of the tension.
  • Glide:
    There is no need to be the gamer to enjoy the gliding because fidget cube has the gliding side that will help you have your little joystick in your pocket.
  • Breathe:
    This side has been specially designed keeping the worry reduction stone in mind. So let all the stress go.
  • Flip:
    You can flip the switch anytime you like for the satisfying effects. This side of fidget cube will not make any sound and you can enjoy it anytime.
  • Roll:
    This side of fidget cube is all about the rolling movements with the ball and the glides.
  • Spin:
    You can have this dial of the fidget cube for a spin and enjoy the movement.

All the sides have something different and they have been designed according to the different natures of the users.

Popular type of fidget cube

The fidget cube has been designed in many different types to meet the requirements of people. The main technology and the design behind the fidget cube are the same the only change that you will notice is the addition of sides. Some of the popular types of the fidget tools are:

  • The most common type of the cube is the normal fidget cube that we find in the market. It has the six sides and the same fidgeting options that have been mentioned.
  • Fidget hexagon cube is a unique type of the gear cube that is found in the market. The sides of the cube have been designed in a different way as compared to the regular cube that we found. Some of the cubes have the unique fidgeting options as well that you will not find in other
  • Recently the two-sided fidget cube has also been introduced in the market. it has only two options and is perfect for the individuals that get confused with the six different options.

. . . . .

What is fidget pen

Fidget Pen

As soon as it was noticed that the fidget toys are gaining popularity among the school going kids and the older adults the authorities become very cautious. They thought the toy is wasting the time of the kids as well as the adults. Most of the schools and the organizations banned the toy by claiming that people spend most of the time playing with it. They said that the productivity of the company is reducing, as the employees are always busy with the fidget toys.

There might be some normal cases where people were wasting their time but most of the kids and employees were really benefiting from the finger fidgets. The ban on the fidget toys created issues for many of the adults. so in order to solve this issue, the developers came with a better solution. They designed the fidget pen.

It can be regarded as the combination toy of the fidget spinner and the fidget cube. The reason is that you can spin it as well as enjoy the different options that you get in the fidget cube. The biggest benefit of the fidget pen is that it has the same design like a regular pen. You can work with it and no one will detect the real reason that why you have bought such a stylish pen to work or school. Some of the amazing options that you will get in the fidget pen are:

  • Let us start with the pen itself. It is a unique spinning device because of the curved handle that has been attached. You can straighten or bend the handle according to your requirements. You can use it to spin the pen on your finger just like the fidget spinner. It can also be utilized to support your finger while you are working. When you notice the inspection team is coming you, can simply straighten the handle and make it look like a regular pen.
  • In case you are in a meeting and spinning is not the option do not worry because the body of the pen is very flexible. You can simply flex it as many times as you want and relive the stress. People will only notice that you exercise under pressure but no one will know that you have a fidget pen in your hand.
  • The pen comes with a steel ball and a magnet. It will create a fidget ring that will allow you to perform the silent spinning activity and no one will notice that what you are actually doing.
  • There is a steel sphere on the top of the pen that will satisfy your requirements anytime. You can simply slide your fingers across it and feel the relaxation.
  • The detachable flex clip of the pen is amazing it will help you to turn the pen into fidget toys anytime you like. While brainstorming it will allow you to make different shapes and twist the clip in any for that you like. The product will make your stressful situations easy to handle.

. . . . .

Effects of fidget spinner on ADHD, autism and ADD

The fidget bracelet was mainly designed for the kids that were suffering from ADHD and autism. Therapists have noticed many benefits of the fidget toys for ADHD. They said that following changes were noticed in the kids that were suffering from different mental conditions.


With the fidget toys in hand, the ADHD kids found it easy to focus in the class. It is very easy to distract the kid that is suffering from these issues. However, with the fidget spinner in their hands, it was easy for the children to maintain their concentration on the teacher. Their performance in the class improved and they were able to score better marks. 

Stress reliever

One of the biggest issues that the kids with autism and ADHD face are that they are under continuous stress. This is the reason they often have to deal with the panic attacks. So most of the kids have lost their confidence and they avoid to enter the crowded places. It has been noticed that such kids like to spend their time alone in their room.

  • The fidget toys for autism are changing the lives of the kids. It is giving them a new hope.
  • A recent study has shown that when the kids have the fidget spinner in their hand they are unable to notice the crowd around them.
  • Their focus is on the fidget cube in hand and so they can easily stay in the crowd without suffering from a panic attack.
  • It has also reduced the negative activities in the kids because of stress.

Therapeutic uses

The best thing about the fidget toys for anxiety is the therapeutic uses that come with it. Here is the list that you need to consider:

  • When the child is spinning the toy is it will stimulate the nervous system and impulse will be generated towards the hand
  • The proprioception will be enhanced by using the fidget toys
  • Kids suffering from autism will find it easier to improve their fine hand movements
  • Soon the kids will be motivated to perform better because they will notice an improvement in their condition with the help of fidget toys for kids


The kids will be satisfied with the help of the fidget spinner. When they will notice that their grades are improving and their parents are happy with the improvement, they will be satisfied with life. The suicidal and negative thoughts will be removed from their minds and they will have a better and healthy life.

. . . . .

What to do with a fidget spinner

One you have bought the fidget spinner you might be wondering that how you can keep the spinner spinning for the longest duration. The reason is that it is the most satisfying activity to perform. So here are a few steps that will help you understand the trick.

  • When you start spinning the fidget spinner, keep in mind to never keep both your fingers on the middle bearing. The reason is that it is utilized to stop the spinner. All you have to do is learn how to balance the spinner on the single finger. It will enhance the speed and you can keep the spinner spinning for a long time
  • With the passage of time, dirt will build up in the bearing of the fidget spinner and so its performance will be reduced. To improve it you must learn to clean the bearing.
  • The bearings of the fidget spinner might have damaged because of the excessive use. So you must learn to change them on time if you want to keep your fidget toys for a long time.
  • The fidget spinner might not require much maintenance but still, you have to take care of your toys in order to increase their life.

. . . . .

Reasons to have a fidget spinner

Most of the people consider it a toy from the kids. Here we have a few reasons that why fidget toys for adults will be a perfect choice.

Improve productivity

As the stress and competition in the business market are increasing it often becomes hard for the workers to perform. They are always under so much pressure that it becomes hard to accomplish the projects and the tasks that have been assigned. This is one of the biggest issues that the productivity of the business organizations is declining.

Having the fidget spinner will reduce the stress. When the workers will have a calm mind it would be easier for them to concentrate on the job that has been assigned. They will use the fidget cube whenever the things get tough and so they will easily accomplish the projects on time. It will give the organization time to handle more projects. Their productivity will increase and they will be able to form long-term relationships with the clients.

Sense of accomplishment

When the workers will be able to finish the projects before deadline, they will have the time to spend for themselves. It will allow them to relax and the will have a positive sense of accomplishment. With enhanced efficiency, they will get more work and so eventually, their monthly wages will increase. It will motivate them to work harder and accomplish more important tasks that will benefit the organization.

Improve problem-solving skills

One of the best benefits that adults will have with the help of the fidget cube is that they will notice an improvement in the problem-solving skills.

  • Our mind is always under stress and this is the reason we are unable to think straight
  • Most of the problems have very simple solutions but anxiety does not let us focus on the right project
  • Having the fidget spinner in hand it will allow you to get rid of all the tension
  • Soon you will have an open mind and it would be easier to start from the beginning and concentrate on every minor detail
  • Soon you will be able to identify the issues and the solution will be found as well
  • Your creative thinking will be enhanced with the help of the fidget toys.

. . . . .

Design of fidget spinner

The fidget spinner is available in 2 to 3 designs but most of them have the same manufacturing of the circular pad in the middle. There are 3 to 6 prongs attached to the pad. The commonly utilized materials for the production of the fidget spinner are:

  • Plastic
  • Steel
  • Alloy

The steel utilized for the production of the fidget spinner is stainless and will not act like the blade. For the kids, the plastic spinner is a better option. The popular blades of the fidget spinner are mostly that are colorful or have the LED lights in them. It makes the fidget toys very attractive and all the kids to have a better experience while playing with the product.

One of the most important parts of the fidget spinner is the bearing. You have to ensure that the size, shape, and style of the bearing are perfect according to your spinner. In order to select the best bearing, you must pay attention towards the manufacturing and the style of the product. We have the best range of fidget spinner bearing that you can have. If you are confused you can ask, our specialists and they will provide you the right guidance about the selection of the bearing.

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Material to do fidget spinner

You might be interested in having a fidget spinner but the rate of the good ones is out of your budget and the cheap ones have the low quality that will be the waste of time and money. So to help you out we are about to teach you how you can make your own fidget spinner. You must have the following things to make your own fidget toys:

  • Skate bearing
  • Craft stick
  • M10 flat washers
  • Duct tape
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Clothespins

Cut the sticks in half to make the prongs of the fidget spinner. You can decorate them in any way that you like. If you are making it for a kid, the best option is to draw cool patterns. Cover the sticks with the duct tape so that they will be secured and their durability will enhance.

Place the sticks in the form of a triangle and keep the bearing in middle and then glue it together. Place the clothespins on the corners until the glue dries. Add some glue to the parts where the bearing meets the stick. Add some weight on the sides of the fidget spinner to make it spin for longer.

. . . . .

How to play with the fidget spinner

The best thing about the How to play with the fidget spinner is that there is no wrong way to spin it. However, the people feel more satisfied when they are able to spin the toy for a longer duration. Here we have some of the interesting ways that will help you to get more out of the spinner.

Flick method

It is the simplest and most interesting method to spin the fidget toy. The best thing about this method is that it will work for all the types of fidget spinner. All you have to do is:

  • Use your thumb and index finger to grip the buttons of the How to play with the fidget spinner
  • Flick the finger forward in such a way that it will push the spinner in the forward direction.

Snap method

It is the reverse flick method. Now all you have to do is push the body of the fidget spinner against the motion and it will start to spin in the opposite direction. You will use the snapping motion to make it spin for a longer duration.

You can flick the fidget spinner using your index finger as well. In this method, hold the spinner with your middle finger and the thumb.

. . . . .

Is fidget spinner making your smart or dumb

One of the biggest questions that are revolving around the globe is that is it making your smart or dumb. We have to remember the fact that it is only a toy and the toys are never designed to make the kids dumb. Regarding the fidget spinner, it will enhance many new skills in the kids. The fidget spinner will allow kids to get their anger out because when they will feel relaxed the aggressive nature of the children will be controlled.

Therefore, we can say that the fidget toy is making the kids smarter. When the kids will have their anger under control, they will show healthy participation in curricular and extracurricular events that will reveal the talent they have. When the child will have the right guidance and support they will be able to give the best performance.

We should get the misconception out of our minds that the toy is making the kids dumb. The only thing that the fidget spinner is making the kids controls their negative emotions.

. . . . .

Benefits of having fidget spinner

If you are still wondering that whether you should invest in the fidget toys or not here we have the list of amazing benefits that you will get from the product.


There are many kids and adults around us that are suffering from different type of phobia. When they are near the factor, the panic kicks in and they might do some stupid things. If you are one of those, a fidget spinner will help you to protect yourself from the embracement. When you have the fidget toys in your hand, all you focus will be on making the toy spin faster. You will not notice if the things that you are afraid of are around you or not. The panic will never kick in and you will be safe whether you are in a party or a crowded area. 

Cognitive benefits

It has been noticed that the fidget spinner has many cognitive benefits for the kids. Most of the young ones are suffering from 5the learning disorder because they get bored when they have to study the same subject for a long time. Having a fidget cube will help them. They can keep the fidget toys with them all the time. When they get bored, the toy will act, as refreshment and the kid will be able to remember what he has been learning. The study time will be converted into a fun time and the kids will soon show positive results and improved grades.

Improved concentration

It has been falsely claimed that the fidget toys are distracting in the schools and the workplace. Most of the workers have said that they were able to give a better performance when they had the fidget spinner with them. They said that the satisfaction of having the fidget cube in their pocket that they can use it in the stressful conditions gave them the peace of mind. They said they it was easier for them to tackle any challenge and so their performance was perfectly improved. 

Enhanced confidence

Do not forget that the fidget spinner will help you to enhance your confidence. When you will have the cube in your hand, you will not have to deal with the stress anymore. Even during the presentations, you can have the small toy in your hand even when you feel conscious the toy will not let you lose your focus and you will rock the event. However, ensure that you use the fidget toys with such perfection that no one will notice them in your hands and you can perfectly present the speech or presentation that you have prepared. It is even perfect for the business meeting and people will be impressed with your level of confidence and motivation.

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Bottom line

We have the best fidget toys in the market. We ensure to deliver our customers with quality. You will find the best fidget toys for the classroom at our store. We have the entire collection of the fidget toys that you and your kids will love to experience.

The product will be delivered at your doorstep. The entire range of fidget spinner is available at an affordable cost you can select the one that you like the most. It will provide you the best experience and you can keep them as long as you like. For more information about the fidget cube, you can visit our store now : Fidget Spinner, Fidget Cube, Fidget Accessories, Other Fidget Toys.