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Dad Traits

Dads are simply the best. From the day we are conceived, they start to make plans for our future and wellbeing. 

In as much as we cannot possibly repay our dad for all they have done for us, we can still show gratitude by giving them gifts on father’s day, their birthdays, anniversaries, Thanksgiving and any other day of celebration.

Thus, below I have given a list of possible characteristics a dad could possess that could help you in choosing the right gift for your beloved day:


  • Workaholic dad
  • Dog-loving dad
  • Dad the chef
  • Dad the gardener
  • Dad the sports lover
  • Dad the fashion lover
  • Tech-savvy dad
  • Dad the video game lover
  • Hygienic dad
  • Dad the wine lover
  • Dad who wants nothing
  • Dad the fixer/handyman
  • Dad the insomniac
  • Dad the history buff
  • Dad the academic
  • Dad the nature lover
  • Dad the introvert
  • Daddy the traveler/adventure lover
  • Dad the book lover

Whatever the trait(s) you see in your dad from the above list, there is always something you can get for your dad that he will appreciate and find useful.