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100 Great Gift Ideas for Dads

Overview of 100 Great Gift Ideas for Dads

Dads are simply the best. From the day we are conceived, they start to make plans for our future and wellbeing. Their wants take the backburner, and they selflessly put our desires above theirs. Remember who got and taught you how to ride your first bike? Remember who took you to baseball practice every weekend without fail? Who drove you to your first prom?

As we grow older, we begin to realize that we have taken all the sacrifices dad has made to get us where we are for granted. They endure all our teenage tantrums with calmness and correct our misdeeds with love.

The most touching part of it all is that fathers do all of these and more without expecting anything in return. In any case, it is impossible to repay our fathers for all they have done for us. In as much as we cannot possibly repay our dad for all they have done for us, we can still show gratitude by giving them gifts on father’s day, their birthdays, anniversaries, Thanksgiving and any other day of celebration.

The fact that dads usually do not demand that we give them any gift can make selecting a gift for them an arduous task. There is no ideal gift to present to dad as all dads come with their different personalities and traits but you know your dad, and the kind of person your dad is will give you an idea of the type of gift to present to him on those special days or just any day. Yeah, you do not have to wait for a special day before deciding to show a little gratitude to pops.

Below I have given a list of possible characteristics a dad could possess that could help you in choosing the right gift for your beloved day. Dad Traits. Whatever the trait(s) you see in your dad from the above list, there is always something you can get for your dad that he will appreciate and find useful.


100 Gift ideas for dad

Here are 100 A-Z lists of great gifts you can get for the first man you ever formed a bond with.

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Alphabet Gift ideas for dad


  • Alarm clock (Loud, digital alarm clocks, LED alarm clocks)
  • Amazon Echo

  • Apron (Adjustable bib apron, 3 pockets waist apron)

  • Ashtray (smokeless ashtray, outdoor ashtray)


  • Backpack (for hiking, picnics or camping, backpack chair)
  • Bag (sling bags, all-in-one bags)

  • Baseball caps and hats (snapback hat, fitted hat)

  • Belt (Formal belts, casual belts)

  • Birthday cake (healthy cake, low sugar, low cream)

  • Blankets (Throw blankets, bed blankets, electric blankets)

  • Books (Novels, self-help books, eBooks on his hobbies)

  • Board games (chess, tic-tac-toe, checkers, monopoly, scrabble)

  • Bottle opener (simple bottle opener, crown cork opener, personalized bottle opener, electric bottle openers)

  • Bowtie (classic bowtie, skinny bowtie, diamond bowtie)

  • Brain health supplements/brain function booster (fish oils, creatine)


  • Camera (digital camera, bridge cameras, mirrorless cameras)
  • Canvas shoes (for jogging and outdoor activities)

  • Cell phone ring holder

  • Crystals (for their healing power and energy, Feng shui)

  • Customized items (mugs, caps, engraved gadgets)



  • Dartboard (bristle dartboard, wooden dartboard, electronic dartboard)
  • Dashcam (remote camera system, dual camera system)
  • Decanter (wine decanter, whiskey decanter)
  • Detoxification pills (colon detox and cleanser for constipation relief)
  • Diary (diet diary, travelogue)

  • Dog toys (dog toys basket, dog playpen, dog personalized engraved tags, dog leash, dog food container, dog treats, dog waste bags, dog Halloween costume, etc.)

  • Duffel bag (going to the gym, other outdoor activities)