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Traditional Chinese Red Classic Socks *6 Variants*


In China Traditional culture red color always symbolizes lucky, good fortune and joy. Red is found everywhere during Chinese New Year, Wedding, Celebration and other holidays and family gatherings. In modern China, red remains a very popular color and is affiliated with and also used by lots of trendy products. Today we have lucky red socks with thoughtful words knitted on it. Pick one as a perfect gift for your men.

  • 小目 ( xiao mu biao ) Small Target: This is the best gift to him to remind them to accomplish great things starts with small goal/ target.

  • 鴻運當頭(Hong yun dang tou) Lucky Strike: This can be the perfect Gifts for men to wish them to have a lucky strike and good fortune anytime anywhere.

  • 业有成 (xue ye you cheng) Success in Academic: The best gift to son or daughter/ students. This best gift is to wish them to have a successful achievement in their academic.

  • 心想事成 (xin xiang shi cheng) Wish Come True: This is a great birthday gift for everyone to wish them to dream come true or all the best to achieve their goal.

  • 百年好合 (bai nian hao he) Eternal Love: This is a perfect gift for the couple that gets married soon to wish them to have eternal love and love each other forever.

  • 早生貴子 (Zao sheng gui zi) Have a baby as soon as possible: A perfect gifts for the new couple to wish them to have a baby in very near future.


    Product Information:
    Material: Spandex,Cotton
    Size: Free Size


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