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Kawaii Mugs and Cups [CUTE MUGS]

Kawaii mugs and saucer materials incorporate earthenware production, porcelain, bone china, and glass. On the off chance that you need to gather old cups and saucers, concentrate on a particular time or a specific sort of China.

Search for glass and saucer sets and accumulations available to be purchased. Kawaii China is typically over 20 years of age and is a fabulous case of the style of a period. In spite of the fact that dating is less essential when gathering Kawaii China than it is when collecting classical China, knowing the date of produce permits you to arrange the things accessible. Search for producers' imprints on the bottoms of glasses and saucers to recognize the maker and example. Utilize this data to discover the date of fabricating. Acquaint yourself with the styles and outlines of your period important to encourage the different proof of cases that speak to that time. Investigate the China for indications of harm. Search for splits, chips, and visible signs of wear. Guarantee that containers are without breaks and handles are solidly connected. In the case of the coating is available, it ought not to hint at discolouration or hairline splits.

Kawaii cups are a gift from the past. If you have a set or two, try to take good care of the mugs. These mugs are more fragile. They can easily crack and break open by minor mishaps. Wash the cups with hand only. You may wind up with broken cups if you opt for the dishwasher.

Kawaii Mugs and Cups


1. Kawaii Hand Painted Elodie Unicorn Mug

  • Hand painted mug
  • Hand wash only  
  • 3.25 inches high by 5 inches across; 3.25 inches interior diameter
  • Microwave safe
  • Squat ceramic

2. Cute Grey Narwhal Unicorn of the Sea Ceramic Coffee Mug 

  • Hand Wash only
  • Suitable for coffee or any hot drinks
  • Ceramic coffee mug



3. Be A Superstar Unicorn Mug with Metallic Star Stirrer

  • Ceramic cup
  • Suitable for coffee and tea
  • Included stirrer
  • White finish




4. Cute Cat Nose & Mouth Transparent Glass Coffee Cup

  • Well suited for home decoration
  • Clear water mug
  • 550 ml capacity



5. Cute Black Cat with Long Tail Holder in Polka Dot Glass

  • Hand wash only
  • High quality glass,very durable and practical
  • Non-toxic and safety
  • 85mm diameter; high 95mm



6. Simple White Kitty Mug with Cute Little Ears

  • Serves as a best gift for cat lover
  • Suitable for tea, coffee, water and milk
  • Hand wash only
  • Beautiful white finish
  • 12oz


7. Colorful Whimsical Hootie Owl Coffee Mug

  • Owl 3d design 
  • Hand-painted ceramic owl shaped mug with white interior
  • Suitable for coffee and milk etc
  • 4" H x 2 1/2" Opening


8. Delicious Chocolate and Colorful Sprinkled Donut Mug 

  • BigMouth original cup
  • Suitable for all kinds of drinks
  • Hand wash only
  • Exclusive ceramic finish
  • 14 ounces

9. Cute Marshmallow Shaped Hot Chocolate Mugs in Happy Face

  • Comes in a set of 4 cups
  • Hot chocolate suited
  • 2.5" high x 2.5" in diameter
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe.
  • Each mug comes with its own hot cocoa recipe card for giving as gifts.
  • Gift for your girlfriend

10. Cute White Rabbit with Glasses Ceramic Coffee Cup

  • 30oz capacity
  • Cute Rabbit engraved on the bamboo lid
  • Bamboo Lid of the mug comes in the box
  • Hand wash only



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