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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Gifts for Men

Best Gifts For Men 2018

When a gift-giving occasion is approaching, it's natural for a sense of panic to settle in because there are a lot of factors to consider.

How much should you spend? Should you go with a practical gift or something that's meant to be more fun? Is it better to give one big gift or several smaller items?

Whether it's your dad, your brother, or your husband, finding the perfect present for the man in your life can be intimidating. But finding the best gifts for men should be fun, not stressful. You want it to be a genuine expression of your appreciation or love for them, not something that keeps you up at night.

Below, we've put together a comprehensive guide of the best gifts for men that are guaranteed to be well-received. Even the sickest man in your life will enjoy something from our list. Read on to learn more!

1. Barware

The best gifts for men are items that speak to their unique interests. If there's something that the man in your life is passionate about, that's usually a good indication of the types of gifts he would enjoy.

Barware serves as a great gift for men who enjoy wine and cocktails and always maintain a fully stocked bar in their own homes. For the oenophile, consider wine accessories like a decanter, bottle opening kits, or new wine glasses. For someone who loves a craft cocktail, you could go with a new shaker, steel ice cubes, or swizzle sticks.

Because there are so many options - and most of them are inexpensive - you could even consider putting together a basket or gift box of a couple of different items. The man in your life will be all set for his next cocktail party, or to enjoy a nice bottle of wine over dinner for two.

2. Fashion Accessories

Most guys don't enjoy shopping for accessories themselves, so these items make some of the best gifts for men. Fashionable, high-quality accessories are something that all men need, but that they rarely take the initiative to buy.

If the man you're shopping for has a special occasion coming up, new cufflinks can make a great gift. Since cufflinks now come in so many shapes and designs, it should be easy to find a pair that reflects a personal interest or is uniquely relevant.

Even in an age when smartphones can always tell us the time, many men still enjoy wearing a watch, so a new timepiece is a great gift option as well.

Just make sure to keep in mind the style of the man you're shopping for. Does he have a more classic style, or is he trendier? Does he wear a lot of color, or does he stick to mostly neutrals?

You might find something that you love or that you wish he would wear, but that doesn't necessarily mean that he'll like it.

3. Gym Gear

If the man you're shopping for is a fitness buff or has a reliable exercise regime, then gym gear is a great option for a gift for any occasion. Not only is it practical, but it also encourages him to stick to a healthy habit.

High-quality athletic clothing that's designed to improve performance is one of the best gifts for men who still pull old gym shorts out of their drawer. You could also consider stocking his wardrobe of post-exercise outfits, like nice sweatpants or pullovers.

Small gym equipment, like weight-lifting gloves or fitness gadgets, make great stocking stuffers around the holidays or can be a part of a larger present for a special occasion. With all the new gear he'll be carrying around, you may want to upgrade his gym bag as part of your present as well.

4. Kitchen Items

In an age of celebrity chefs and endless food-focused television, more men are taking it upon themselves to learn how to hold their own in the kitchen. It doesn't matter if the man in your life is a novice cook or a master chef - either way, there are great kitchen gifts for him.

Someone who is newer to cooking and just getting familiar with the kitchen will appreciate the basics. Nice pots and pans are a more expensive option, but even upgraded flatware - plates, bowls, mugs, etc. - can make a difference.

If the man you're shopping for is a little more comfortable cooking, it may be time to step up his game with some new gadgets and appliances. It doesn't have to be sophisticated or expensive. Anything that will make his life in the kitchen easier is sure to be appreciated.

Cookbooks also make great gifts for home cooks at any level - they can provide inspiration and teach new techniques.

5. Pet Mementos

Something that honors a man's furry friend is a great gift for any dog or cat lover. The default is to get a gift that the animal will enjoy, like a new leash or a bed. Instead, try to think of a creative way to incorporate a man's love for his pet into a product he can use.

A commissioned painting is one gift idea that has gained popularity recently, but depending on the size, they can end up costing a lot of money. Another option is to find a plush pillow or cushion that's modeled after the type of animal the man in your life loves so much.

A small token like a keychain is a great portable option that serves as a reminder of a beloved dog or cat no matter where you are.

Ready to Shop for the Best Gifts for Men?

One of the reasons we feel so much pressure when shopping for gifts is because we want the presents we buy to mean something. We want them to be a symbol of how well we know the recipient, or how much we love them, or how much we appreciate them.

It's important to remember that even the smallest gifts can mean a lot. Finding creative ways to incorporate someone's hobbies and interests into a gift will always be well-received.

For more information on shopping for the best gifts for the man in your life, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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