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Here's Why Every Grown Man Needs a Fidget Spinner

Best Gifts For Men 2018 Fidget Spinner

Buying a gift for the person you know better than anyone should be pretty simple, right? Not always!

It doesn't matter if you've been with your man for decades or just a few months, men are hard to shop for. You can only buy them so much of their favorite cologne or a new wallet before you have to start switching things up.

The good news is sometimes, the best gifts are the simplest. You don't always have to spend a lot of money to say you care.

In fact, you can spend as little as a few bucks for a fidget spinner to brighten his day. Not sure this is the go-to gift your man needs?

Here is a closer look at why this little toy is such a big deal, and all the ways your man can use it.

What Exactly Is a Fidget Spinner?

A fidget spinner is a gadget that is about the size of an average palm, with a hole in the middle that allows a user to spin it. There are two or three prongs on the sides for you to turn the spinner in motion.

Some of the more elaborate fidget spinners in the market come with light-up features and fancy designs.

But, at the end of the day, that's all they do -- spin.

Fidget spinners spin in your hand, on the floor or another flat surface, or with the help of your pet pawing at it. You can rest this object on your nose to turn things up a notch if you want.

Wherever and whichever way your man wants to spin his spinner, it's nice that he can always have it on-hand and think of you.

Here are just a few of the possible places your man will use his spinner gift.

In Standstill Traffic

If you live in a busy city, get the man in your life a fidget spinner just to keep him sane.

This will help him work on his patience and calmness while driving through rush hour traffic. Even better, it will help him pass the time of his commute if he takes transportation like the bus or the subway.

These situations can often cause people to lose their cool. But, with the help of a handy-dandy fidget spinner, there is no reason to get riled up.

At the Office or in the Classroom

Instead of tuning out the urge to be impatient, maybe the person you're buying a gift for needs help to tune in. Great - a fidget spinner can help.

Some people think these are "mindless" toys, when they are really valuable tools. Engaging in the motion of the spinner and keeping it going helps activate the mind to focus on one thing.

This makes it easier for the brain to shift its focus from the fidget spinner's movements to something more practical. Without the spinner, the brain would be trying to focus entirely on its own. Some people struggle with this very much.

If your man falls into this category, get him a spinner to help him get his focus back.

While at Home

Maybe focus isn't the issue for your partner. Maybe what he is working on is patience or learning how to unwind.

Get him his own spinner and watch how much easier these things become for him.

Playing with a spinner keeps him calm while he's waiting for you to be ready on date night or for his turn in the shower. It is also an easy thing to pick up and let him take his mind off work or other things that drain his mental energy.

Some people even play with their fidget spinners while watching tv or drinking coffee. They may not notice the fact that they always use it, but their peers will notice the difference a spinner makes.

Using a fidget spinner can calm and concentrate the person you care about most. Over time, this translates into how you both communicate and interact with each other for the better.

On an Airplane

Another time a fidget spinner comes in handy is while a person is traveling.

Is your man a little anxious on airplanes? Does he start to get fidgety after a certain time elapsed in the air?

Help him keep his cool by bringing along a fidget spinner.

This brings his mind back to one thing, while the rest of the world passes by below. It can help kill more time than you think. Not to mention, a spinner calms even the worst of airplane nerves.

The same goes for passengers on a train or other form of transportation.

Fidget spinners pass the time in a way that is unique to listening to music or reading a book. They are a small engagement of the mind and body that do just enough to distract people from their remaining travel time.

Waiting for... Anything

As great as it can be to pack a fidget spinner in your carry-on or give it to your man to keep in his car, this isn't everything. In reality, one spinner can go pretty much anywhere.

This means the benefits of the spinner are easy to carry around as well!

Just one spinner will transform everything from how agitated your partner gets while waiting for coffee to how long they can endure waiting at the doctor's office. It helps pass the time between commercials (if you're still watching those instead of streaming), too.

Simply put, fidget spinners are simple toys that have anything but simple outcomes. There is a reason these objects have become as popular as they did practically overnight.

Get your man in on the fun and order one for him today.

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