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12 Best Cheap Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is just on it’s way and almost everyone has started preparing for and by the word “preparing” we are referring to “buying gifts” for the loved ones. You see, that’s what Christmas is all about, it’s about people getting together, exchanging gifts and having feasts together. Also, let’s admit the fact that we all wait a whole year for the Christmas vacations to plan trips and tours and to enjoy the winter season to the fullest.

Now, as buying gifts and exchanging them is like an integral part of Christmas celebrations. Today we are here with some of the best and the cheapest Christmas gift ideas that will light up the face of your loved ones in any case.

So, folks take notes of what we are about to reveal because this article can actually help you save a big deal of money on this special occasion.


1. Chop Sabers

Using chopsticks to eat your meals is quite a fun thing and well, it’s something that the Chinese and Koreans can’t resist which is why these Chop Sabers are great to gift them this Christmas. They’ll just cost you $9.99 and well, they are amazing!

2. Treat Yo Self Spoon ($18)

The “Treat Yo Self” spoon is like the best Christmas gift you can give to a workaholic who never takes out some time for himself to relax. He or she can pair this spoon with the best brewed coffee and enjoy the Christmas in the best possible way. This one just comes for $18 and well, it’s worth it.

3. Initial Necklace (start from $6)

Available in both gold and silver, this initial necklace is a personalized gift to give to a women who just loves jewelry. Just for below $10, you can choose this amazing necklace with the chain length of your own choice that ranges from 15 to 18 inches.

4. Color Your Own Map Pillowcase ($20)

Want to give your kid something unique this  Christmas? Well, the color your own map pillowcase is something that your little one will love for sure. It’s reasonable in price, it’s high in quality and it’s fun to use.

5. Old English Cider Wassail ($19)

A warm and cozy gift for someone who enjoys stuff like cinnamon sticks, ginger pieces and ground nutmegs. This Old English Cider Wassail is a complete awesome winter package.

6. WizGear Magnetic Mount ($9)

This amazing phone mount is the best thing you can give to someone who has to do a lot of traveling. You see, it’s an undeniable fact that you cannot stop using your phone while driving mainly because you need it for navigation purposes now this is where the WizGear Magnetic Mount comes in handy, it clips on to the air vent and gives the ultimate security you need.

7. Card Holder Pockets ($5)

An extremely useful gift especially for your daughter who keeps losing her college ID every now and then. This $5.13 gift is useful, it’s cute and above everything it looks great on a phone.

8. Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray ($11)

A funny gift to give one of your friends who always leave a bad smell when they use the public toilets. This is a peppermint spray and we assure you that your friend will be thankful to you once you gift this to him.

9. Bicycle Repair Kit ($50)

This bicycle kit is the best thing to gift to one of your bicyclist friend as with this useful kit, he won’t ever have to stop on a track. This kit comes with patch repairs, two metal tire levelers, glue, bone tool and buffers. The best part is the price of this kit and that’s only $17.50. Again, you don’t have to spend thousands on a good Christmas gift and this kit is a huge example for that.

10. Funny Target Mug ($16)

You can customize a cup and give it to your mom, your sister and even your niece. Just come up with some really funny and creative target lines and let the company do the rest of the working. These ceramic mugs are low in price and they are a great gift to make someone laugh especially on Christmas.

11. Beanie Bottle Stopper

The trending beanie bottle stoppers are so cute and well, they are useful too. Also, the beanie shape of these stoppers go perfect with the event of Christmas. These are made up of silicone and they come in three different colors, red, grey and blue. Only for $12.99, these bottle stoppers are great for your friends who just love wine.

12. Bicycle Unicorn Playing Cards ($13)

Sit together with your family and ask your kids to do the same because Christmas is all about spending some quality time with friends and family. These amazing and cute royal unicorn playing cards are just great for your little ones and well, you all can play different games like Crazy Eights and Go Fish etc on these cards. Only for $9.99, these cards can be a treat to your kids who love playing games on cards.

 . . .

These are the top 12 best cheap Christmas gift ideas that can help you spend the best Christmas this year. We always say this that Christmas is not about spending huge money on gifts and worrying about the budget all the time. In fact, it’s just the feelings and the emotions that matter and Christmas gifs market out there is quite vast so you won’t ever come short of cheap gift ideas. Now, without wasting any more of your time, get your loved ones, any of the above-mentioned gifts and let them have a Christmas full of fun with great smiles on their faces.


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