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10 Gifts for Pet Lovers Your Man is Sure to Enjoy

They say dogs are man's best friend. And if your man has a close bond with his dog, you know just how true the saying is.

Does the man in your life have an upcoming birthday? Do you want to get him a gift for no reason at all?

Whatever the occasion, it's always a good time to get your man something special. But if his best friend is his dog, then the perfect gift is something that both will enjoy.

Here are 10 gifts that all pet lovers will enjoy. The special guy in your life will love them, as well as his pooch!

1. K9 Cannon

Men are no stranger to the fun of Nerf guns, paintball, and water guns. These are the types of games that are staples in every boy's childhood.

With the K9 Cannon, it's possible for your man to relive part of his childhood alongside his dog. The K9 Cannon launches tennis balls up to 30 feet away. It works similar to how a person loads and fires a slingshot.

Pet lovers are constantly looking for ways to innovate the traditional game of catch. But if your man loves competitive shooting, and if his dog loves playing catch, this is the perfect combination.

2. Doggie Keychains

It's the little things that make your man smile. And if he loves dogs, then it's time to spice up his set of keys with something special!

Keychains don't just keep a person's keys altogether. They also make keys more accessible, so you're not constantly fumbling around for them.

Maybe your man has multiple keys for his cars or to his house. Maybe he needs keys for work. If your man has to handle a lot of keys on a daily basis, then it's time to get him a doggie keychain.

3. Dog Sofa

Whether it's ESPN or Netflix, your man likes to kick back and relax now and again. Chances are his dog also likes to join in on the couch snuggles, too.

But pet lovers know the struggle of having a dog that sheds excessively. Having a leather couch can also make it difficult to enjoy quality TV time with the pup.

With a dog sofa, your man's dog doesn't have to miss out!

There are tons of dog sofas out on the market that come in all sizes, styles, and colors. You can pick out a couch that matches your home decor or the dog's collar. You can even throw in a cushion cover to add some doggie decor to your own couch, too!

4. The Dogist

Elias Weiss Friedman's 2015 photography collection, The Dogist, is a must for all pet lovers. The Dogist features 1,000 photographs of dogs that you and your man will enjoy looking at together.

The Dogist makes a great addition to any dog lover's coffee table or book collection. Friedman also released The Dogist Puppies, along with a 2018 calendar.

5. PetChatz

Does your man work long hours?

PetChatz is the future of doggy daycare. This interactive, chew-resistant camera allows you to see and communicate with your dog while you're away.

It attaches to the wall and hooks up to your home's WiFi network. Then, he can video chat with his pooch through the PetChatz unit.

The PetChatz unit also releases treats and a calming scent. Plus, with the PawCall accessory, his dog will be able to call him.

6. Doggie Phone Cover

Does your man's phone constantly break? There's no shortage of doggie phone covers for iPhones that come in a variety of colors and designs.

Pet lovers who are also tech-savvy need a doggie phone cover!

7. Pooch Selfie

Once your man has his new phone case, he'll probably want to snap some new photos with the pooch. The problem will be getting him or her to sit still for a good picture.

That's where Pooch Selfie comes in! The idea of this selfie clip is simple: Attach a tennis ball to the top of a phone. That way, any dog can sit still and focus.

With the Pooch Selfie, you'll both enjoy selfies galore with the pup!

8. Pet House Candles

Between bad breath, flatulence, and rolling around in the mud, dogs get smelly. So, naturally, their living quarters can also get pretty stinky.

Traditional air fresheners and candles contain toxic chemicals that are bad for animals. Luckily, there are Pet House Candles.

Their collection of candles and room sprays are not only natural and toxic-free. They come in a variety of scents. That way, you can keep your house smelling how you want while keeping your dog safe.

9. Embark Dog DNA Test

Is your dog a mixed breed? Not sure which breed he or she is?

The Embark Dog DNA Test will tell you your dog's ancestry and test for genetic diseases. That way, you can learn more about your dog's health and susceptibility to certain diseases.

It's more than just a DNA kit. You'll work with one of Embark's veterinary geneticists to ensure your dog receives the care he or she needs.

10. Pet Lovers T-Shirts

Every dog owner needs a t-shirt that shows his love for his dog(s).

You can find a variety of dog t-shirts with different breed icons and styles. Your man can wear them around the house, when he takes the dog for a walk, or out on the town.

Pawsome Gifts for the Man & Dog in Your Life

There's no shortage of reasons to gift your man with something special. And if he's a dog lover, make sure it's a gift that both he and his canine companion will enjoy.

Gifts for pet lovers aren't limited to husbands and boyfriends, either. If your dad, brother, coworker, or friend loves dogs, don't hesitate to gift him with something pawsome!

Check us out today for more gift ideas that all the men in your life will love.

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