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Welcome to Valen Wonderland, your ultimate source of cool quirky gifts store which will cater your lifestyle.


Our coffee mugs have been carefully crafted and designed according to various themes, styles and emotions. We are proud to feature our coffee mugs which come in black and white variants. Valen Wonderland coffee mugs are completely unique from standard coffee mugs. They are based on real life experiences, beliefs and emotions. I have always been an optimistic person. I enjoy recognizing the beauty of the world around me. Even though life may be complicated at times, there's no reason not to feel thankful for the simple joys it brings into our lives. Valen Wonderland coffee mugs are focused on minimalistic designs which uses various lines and geometric shapes. They are filled with meaningful quotes, hashtags and interesting images you will surely enjoy. I am proud to share with you my mug creations in the hopes that it will brighten your day each time you use it.

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